Vanishing on 7th Street – 0/10.

Terrible horror… Brilliant comedy.


In a the flick of a finger most of the population of Detroit vanishes (hilariously leaving just their clothes behind) apart from Hayden ‘I ruined Star Wars’ Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo and a generic plucky black kid with attitude yo. This rag tag group of terrible actors band together to sit in dark rooms and randomly start shouting things in the middle of conversations like ‘DON’T YOU GET IT?!’. They then start driving round in cars and letting the darkness (for this is what is out to get them obviously) trick them into thinking it is their loved ones calling for them. Over and over again it tricks them. From the baby in the pram under a street light in the middle of a dark street to the boys mother on the altar of a creepy candle lit church (because that is where people hang out to call to their relatives.) At one point the kid has an inner monologue unconvincingly repeating the words ‘I exist… I exist’ as if he believes someone will just stop the movie and put an end to all our suffering at any moment.
It is astonishing that Brad Anderson ( Session 9, The Machinist) squeezed out this little piece of excreta. If they had marketed this a straight up comedy and changed nothing I would have scored it at least 7/10 so it is worth watching for that reason alone.

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