Untouchable – 7.5/10.

A poor man from the projects becomes carer to a wealthy quadriplegic. Both of their lives are changed as a result.

I’ve held off on watching Untouchable (despite it’s IMDB rating of 8.6, #38 in the top 250) because I was wary of how corny it sounded. I was expecting all sorts of heart warming, Oscar bait scenes but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Untouchable is more gritty than I was expecting and the chemistry between the two male leads is perfect. Omar Sy as the carer is the main attraction (he will be returning in the new Xmen film this year) and François Cluzet is also very convincing as the man in the wheelchair. Untouchable is just a nice story, acted very well. A Sunday afternoon film if you will.

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