Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil – 7.5/10

Brilliantly turns the horror genre on its head. Some college kids go out to a cabin in the woods where they encounter some murderous rednecks. So far so normal you would think. However this film is shown from the rednecks point of view and they are not murderous, they are lovable. The college kids only think they are evil maniacs due to a series of hilarious and grisly coincidences. This is primarily a comedy with horror elements à la Shawn of the dead. Loads of fun, nice easy watch and a bit different from most of the stuff out there at the moment. The only disappointment is it is such a brilliant concept that it feels like they could have done more with it and made a really top notch 8.5 or 9 out of 10 film. Minor gripes though.

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