Trouble With The Curve – 6/10.

Tough guy Clint Eastwood just can’t escape sentimentality.
An ageing baseball scout (Clint Eastwood) is given one last chance to prove his worth before his contract expires. Upon hearing about his failing health, Eastwood’s daughter (Amy Adams) goes along for the ride where she meets a charming rival scout and former baseball pro (Justin Timberlake).
Firstly Clint. Clint Eastwood still looked menacing and tough in Gran Torino but now he just looks old. Really old. This doesn’t detract from the film though, it is kind of the point.
He is still convincing and he there is plenty of the gruff, miserable old bastard humour that made Gran Torino such a great movie. Amy Adams is bright point of the film and brings a lot of enthusiasm, Timberlake is charismatic and funny and all the other stuff JT always is. John Goodman and Matthew Lillard provide able support as chief of scouting and smarmy, hot shot scout respectively. So far so good. The first 90 or so minutes are really watchable but then Jesus… what were they thinking.
The undercurrent of schmaltz and sentimentality that bubble under for the first part of the film totally take over in the final thirty minutes and just totally shit on all the good work that precedes it. Very disappointing.

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