The Paperboy – 3/10.

A group of reporters attempt to find answers in the case of death row inmate. Director Lee Daniels ends up making a film more tedious than the Sega Megadrive game of the same name…


The Paperboy starts off fairly promisingly and has a ridiculously strong cast. Matthew McConaughey leads the way as the reporter returning to his home town, with support in the shape of inmate John Cusack, inmates pen pal Nicole Kidman, reporters younger brother Zac Efron and erm… Macy Gray.

It all unravels so quickly it is actually quite impressive. It feels like the last hour of the film was finished by a passing maniac they brought in off the street. Nicole Kidman does quite well in a completely unnecessarily difficult role (loads of gratuitous violent sexual scenes) but other than that there is nothing what so ever of note here. Efron tries but is totally forgettable. They could have just spliced deleted scenes from Mud to cover McConaughey’s character as they are pretty much identical and even the usually reliable John Cusack has a bit of a stinker. Definitely one to miss.

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