The Lone Ranger – 7.5/10.

Much derided remake of the tv show The Lone Ranger. A lot of eyebrows were raised when Disney purchased Lucas films and confirmed they will be at the helm for three more Star Wars movies. However if Disney were willing to spend 215 million dollars on a movie with pretty much zero inbuilt fan base, a relative unknown in the lead role and with a 12A rating, imagine what they will be willing to spend on Star Wars…
Gore Verbinski (The Pirates films, The Ring, Rango etc) is the natural heir to Steven Spielberg IMO. Nobody is making proper adventure films in the style of Indiana Jones, Back to the Future etc like Verbinski and for me he pulls it off again with The Lone Ranger. Clocking in at a whopping two and a half hours, I enjoyed every minute of it. Johnny Depp is superb as Tonto and Armie Hammer (the twins from The Social Network) shows he can play a leading man. Like other recent Disney flop John Carter I think that The Lone Ranger deserves to be reappraised and given the admiration it deserves in years to come.

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