The Iceman – 5.5/10.

A family man who hides his secret life as a contract killer from his loved ones sees his lies start to unravel.


An impressive cast for such a pedestrian (albeit true) story. Michael Shannon is intense and menacing as ever. Winona Ryder reminds us she is still a thing in a solid role. Chris Evans is once again wasted in a small role, ditto James Franco. Elsewhere Ray Liotta plays Ray Liotta and David Schwimmer manages to not be too distracting in spite of (because of?) looking for all the world like former England goalkeeper David Seaman.

The pacing is all wrong in The Iceman, it always feels there is no time for character development with such a long time span squeezed into an hour and forty five minutes. Worth watching if you are a big Michael Shannon fan as he really is once again superb but a chore in every other respect.

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