The Heat – 6.5/10.

In a way it was pretty brave for director Paul Feig to follow all conquering, unconventional smash hit Bridesmaides with the most unfashionable, dated and super conventional comedy set up ever ever ever in making a chalk and cheese buddy cop movie. Early signs were not good. The trailers looked like a parody that South Park would dream up. Sandra Bullocks star has faded fast in recent years too. Despite all this, only once did The Heat make me outwardly cringe (inevitably when they say the title of the movie in the dialogue). I much prefer Bullocks more subtle comedy style to co-star Melissa Mccarthy’s more confrontational technique but it is undeniable they have a great chemistry. The plot is kept simple as it should be for this kind of movie and there is some great and funny lines of dialogue. Thankfully a love interest is a very minor sub plot but some sentimentality does creep in towards the end. With a stronger supporting cast this could have been on par with Bridesmaids, in the end it is just a decent if forgettable film.

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