The Amazing Spider Man 2 – 10/10.



Peter Parker faces a moral dilemma amidst several new antagonists appearing in NYC.

I’ve been racking my brain all afternoon for a reason to not give this movie 10/10 and I just can’t do it. I said in my review for The Amazing Spider-Man that Andrew Garfield was born to play Peter Parker AND Spiderman but I’m starting to think he could play any role handed to him at this stage. He brings an extraordinary amount of emotion and vulnerability to what is essentially a supposedly low brow genre. The performances of Emma Stone and particularly Sally Field also pack an emotional wallop that wouldn’t be out of place in any Oscar winning film of the last ten years. The Amazing Spiderman 2 has all the humour and stunning action sequences that Avengers had but it adds much more character depth and heart wrenching shocks. Christopher Nolan’s Batman series had this knack as well but it never hit home as much as certain scenes in this film. One thing I realized whilst watching this is that I am REALLY invested in these characters after only two instalments in a way I haven’t felt since Silver Linings Playbook. I’ve never been much of a Jamie Foxx fan but Electro is a genuinely menacing villain and is actually pretty scary at times. Relative newcomer Dane DeHaan is also a vast improvement on James Franco as Harry Osborn. Basically there is just nothing not to love in The Amazing Spiderman 2. We could well have already seen the film of the year.

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