Star Trek Into Darkness – 8.5/10.

Despite the valiant efforts of Alice Eve to ruin it, STID has to go down as a massive success. Chris Pine and particularly Zachary Quinto absolutely own the parts of Kirk and Spock. The story is a touch predictable and its nothing we haven’t seen before, but it is directed and written so well that this is a minor quibble. I also feel that Simon Pegg is a touch over the top as Scotty but mostly he keeps it in check. The man who sounds like he came straight out of Eddie Izzard’s Englebert Humperdink skit (Benedict Cumberbatch), is a revelation as the main antagonist and is the top notch villain that was missing from Star Trek. Karl Urban is once again a highlight as Bones. Maybe not quite better than the original, but definitely a match for it.

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