Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring – 7.5/10


An old monk and his young apprentice live an idyllic life in isolation with a cat.

S,S,F,W & S (that will become annoying quickly) is a testament to what a talented director can do with a simple story. The film takes place entirely in one location but the different seasons vastly transform the singular setting into a plethora of contrasting representations. The symbolism is biblical in it’s simplicity and it’s beauty but the message is much more entrenched in the Eastern philosophy of Buddhism. The Hollywood equivalent of this kind of fable brought to life would be something like The Book of Eli but S,S,F,W & S (sigh) is much more enlightening and ultimately satisfying. Largely at odds with a lot of contemporary South Korean cinema (mainly because it isn’t batshit mental) Kim Ki-duk’s timeless parable is a nice change of pace for fans not just of film but of story telling in general.

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