Silent Hill – 7.5/10

Mother and daughter have a road accident and find themselves in the hellish ghost town of Silent Hill.


This must be the fifth or sixth time I have seen Silent Hill and my enjoyment of it has not lessened at all. It had to overcome some significant disadvantages, people get a bit sniffy about Hollywood horror, particularly one that is a video game adaptation (read the critics reviews of the Resident Evil series for example). Silent Hill also had to survive Sean Bean wandering around, confused, speaking in a thousand accents.

Despite these setbacks, Silent Hill is a modern horror gem. The scenes where ‘the darkness’ comes are some of the most nightmarish and imaginative stuff in recent years and whilst the ending toes the line between ingenuity and just plain daft it just about pulls it off. If this had been done for a lesser budget and was South Korean, people would be raving over it. Shame about the sequel though.

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