Rec 2 – 7.5/10.

Picks up directly where the first film left off but focuses on a SWAT team going in and some local youths that sneak into the building.
Rec is the best found footage film ever (sorry The Blair Witch Project) and one of the best horror movies of the last twenty years so Rec 2 was never going to live up to that. Thankfully it doesn’t try to out do the source material it just continues where Rec left off. It also explores the religious aspects of the story that Rec only touched on to great effect. The characters aren’t very well rounded or unique however, with the first part of the film pre occupied with too many generic soldier characters. The building itself still feels like hell itself though and the atmosphere created is absolutely horrifying. A worthy follow up then and I look forward to watching REC 3 Genesis at some point this year.

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