Rabbit Hole – 7.5/10.

A couple try to cope with their grief following the tragic loss of a child. No actual rabbits appear..


The message of Rabbit Hole is very simple and rather crude being basically SCIENCE = GOOD, RELIGION = BAD. It is hard for me to write an unbiased review based on this as that is pretty much my belief also but here goes.

First off no matter your beliefs there is no denying the acting in Rabbit Hole is extremely strong. A few years ago I wouldn’t have bothered with a film with Nicole Kidman in a starring role but Dogville totally changed my opinion of her and she is absolutely superb throughout this film despite tackling very difficult and emotive subject matter.

Secondly the film is very well written and contains a few excellent and memorable scenes and even a spot of humour buried beneath the bleak exterior. Aaron Eckhart also puts a good shift in and the two together say more with a look or a pause than most actors could with pages of dialogue.

Lastly Miles Teller (who delivers an even better but wildly different performance in The Spectacular Now, definitely one to watch for the future) is a revelation as the poor bastard driving the car that killed the child. It is a quiet but compelling turn from Teller and he ties the narrative together whilst also featuring in the most emotionally captivating scenes.

Rabbit Hole is by no means a fun movie but it is personal and it is touching and if you can cast aside the rather heavy handed message and just get swept away in the emotional tour de force it is well worth it.

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