Paris, je t’aime – 6/10.

A series of 20 small films loosely based around the theme of love and set it Paris.
It is difficult to give Paris, je t’aime an overall score as I felt the quality of the short films (they all had different directors) varied wildly from very good (original, touching) to very poor (pretentious, over indulgent). I also felt that in two hours I didn’t see enough of Paris itself. Unlike say Amélie or Moulin Rouge whose every scene is interwoven with Parisian culture, too much of this film could have taken place anywhere which felt like a bit of a waste. Also the whole point of a love story is that you have to care what happens to the characters and it is difficult to establish this kind of connection when each segment is only five or so minutes long. Overall though a decent watch and lets face it, as a 26 year old, cynical man who hates 99% of love stories, I wasn’t exactly the target audience so 6/10 is a decent score!

Honourable mention to the strong cast: Natalie Portman, Elijah Wood, Bob Hoskins etc etc.

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