Nothing but the Truth – 7/10.



After outing a CIA agent in her role as a reporter, Rachel Arsmtrong finds herself facing jail time if she doesn’t give up her source.

I haven’t seen Kate Beckinsale do much besides be awesome in the Underworld movies but she gets a chance to do some proper acting here and she is excellent as the protagonist. As always I will stay clear of the various political messages being conveyed here and just stick to the film itself. Nothing but the Truth features a lot of moral dilemmas, raises questions about integrity and also attacks societal norms about women. It sucked me in and by the end I was firmly emotionally involved with Beckinsale’s character. Matt Dillon and particularly Alan Alda offer top notch support and David Schwimmer continues to cast off Ross Geller with another assured performance. I often find the ending reveal or twist in a movie to be clunky and unsatisfactory but the last scene in Nothing but the Truth hits home perfectly and rounds the movie off in a way befitting the hard work provided by the actors. Very solid movie.

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