Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Britpop – 8.5/10

Unflashy but lovingly made documentary charting the Britpop era.


As a child of the 90’s I am always going to be biased when reviewing this documentary, but I love love love Live Forever. I have seen it so many times I can recite most of it from memory. Long and utterly sublime/ridiculous/hilarious interviews with Liam & Noel, Damon Albarn, Jarvis Cocker, some lovely chaps from Massive Attack plus various other journalists, fashion designers, musicians and others who lived through Britpop are punctuated by brilliant music and interesting news footage from the time.

The only disappointment with Live Forever is if they had made it more exhaustive and spoke to a few more people involved (Brett Anderson, Richard Hawley, Graham Coxon, Richard Ashcroft, perhaps a fella from Mansun) it would have easily been a 10/10. Also Radiohead and Manic Street Preachers continued absence whenever people look book on Britpop is a bit perplexing. Still a great watch.

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