Gremlins – 9/10.



Loads of really bizarre things happen consecutively, this gets out of hand almost immediately, hilarity ensues.

Ahh Gremlins. Made in that glorious time in 80’s cinema where all characters had the same haircut. Male, female or gremlin. I haven’t seen this for about ten years but it has aged well. Gremlins was written by Chris Columbus of The Goonies fame so he seems to have the timeless classic thing pretty mastered. There are loads of laugh out loud moments throughout and it is actually darker than I remember it which is nice. I do have to point out however that the biggest laughs came when our hero Billy Peltzer’s mom Lynn Peltzer showed up wearing literally the most bizarre outfit I have ever seen (see picture). I had a growing feeling there was some kind of menacing subtext to do with reproduction at play here but I chose to ignore it. I loved Gizmo as a child but I now realize his evil counter parts actually have a really brilliant time (in the 24 hours they have been alive one of them has hilariously adapted a penchant for drinking alone in jazz bars) so I have sided with them now. I’m going to leave you with this outrageous admission: I actually prefer Gremlins to ET.

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