Grave Encounters 2 – 7/10

A film student obsessed with the movie Grave Encounters goes to the mental hospital where the first film was shot.


Very much like the first film the plot meanders along until about the forty five minute mark when things start to get weird. The acting (one comically terrible on screen security guard aside) is on par with its predecessor, despite being straight to DVD. The real star here though is the hospital itself. The nightmarish, soul destroying world of the hospital is quite unlike anything I have seen in a horror movie before. So so bleak. I can only compare it to the underground bunker they inhabit in Day of the Dead or the place they find themselves in Cube. The plot flirts outrageously with being a bit daft, sometimes crossing the line slightly but you have to suspend disbelief for this kind of flick. I enjoyed it, any horror fans should definitely watch both films.

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