Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai – 6/10

Man with a silly name kicks ass and eats ice cream.


Ghost Dog is not a terrible film. It has a brilliant hip hop soundtrack composed by RZA of Wu Tang Clan fame and features an interesting idea at it’s core. Mafia hit man who follows the ancient way of the samurai. Forest Whitaker is fine. Good even. Although he has little to do other than narrate deep and meaningful extracts from his Samurai hand book.

The problem here is I didn’t connect with this movie. It flies straight in to the plot with little back story and character development and the film suffers massively for this. The ending should pack an emotional wallop but when the final shoot out hit I was already disinterested and also a bit bored. It is true I am not very familiar at all with cult director Jim Jarmusch or his work so maybe there is something I am missing here but Ghost Dog left me feeling cold. I think I might have preferred a film about an actual ghost dog. That sounds like fun.

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