Frozen – 3/10

Erm… I have no idea how to describe this plot… Disney on ice?


There is nothing inherently wrong with Frozen. It ticks all the boxes for a Disney film. A princess, a villain, mild peril, (endless) singing, some cute little creatures (coming to a toy store near you) etc etc. The problem is there is nothing great about it either.

FrozenĀ for me felt like Disney by numbers, no different to countless other films churned out by the famous rodent based company.

Frozen is absolutely a kids film. I don’t want to keep banging this drum but whilst Pixar are producing films that appeal equally to kids and adults, Disney are still making flat out kids movies. That is not really a criticism as surely that is what Disney is for but Pixar has shown there is a lot more to offer than lowest common denominator stuff. But I guess from Disney’s point of view If ain’t broke…

Frozen is probably a decent children’s movie but it is a distinctly average movie in general. Highest grossing animated movie of all time though. Go figure.

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