Film Review: The Fundamentals of Caring – 8/10

“I’m getting a patty melt, I don’t give a shit….”

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Ben (Paul Rudd) is an aspiring care giver who applies to work with Trevor (Craig Roberts) in his first role as a carer. The pair are eventually joined on an unconventional road trip by troubled runaway Dot (Selena Gomez).

I wish Paul Rudd was my friend. I often like to imagine Paul and I going for a long hike and enjoying a shower together afterwards. Not a forbidden shower, just a couple of pals getting clean with each other. The reason I share this uncomfortable truth here is that it should be noted that I am incredibly biased when it comes to Rudd’s cinematic output. I love pretty much every flick that guy has made. When his beautiful grin rocks up in a film that is genuinely good, there aren’t many theatrical treats that I enjoy more.

Happily, there is more to The Fundamentals of Caring than just Paul Rudd’s beautiful face. Craig Roberts is an actor I have admired since his star making turn in Submarine and he is funny and likeable here albeit playing against type a little as Trev is a bit of an prick. I know very little about Selena Gomez but she does well as the vulnerable yet world weary Dot. The three share a compelling chemistry that helps to avoid the sentimental moments becoming overly saccharine.

Director Rob Burnett’s first major film production doesn’t have to rely on twists and turns, in fact many viewers will be able to guess the major plot beats within the first ten minutes of the film, but not every story has to keep an audience guessing. Sometimes it is just nice to see a good story told well and it is difficult to see how anyone could sit through The Fundamentals of Caring without finding something to enjoy.

One of the problems with the huge output that Netflix has committed to recently is that too many of their original productions fall by the way side. Don’t let this film be one of them. A feel good movie that actually made me feel good.


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