Dogville – 8.5/10

Lars von Trier only makes films that are brilliant (Melancholia) or shit (Antichrist, Nymphomanic). Happily, Dogville falls into the former camp.


The lives of the town folk of Dogville are changed forever when they decide to take in a beautiful woman on the run from the mob. The protagonist in question is played by Nicole Kidman in what is easily the best performance I have seen from her.
Written and directed by Lars Von Trier with an unusual visual flair not normally present in mainstream cinema – The town of Dogville is presented as if it were in a play. The houses are marked out on the floor as an aerial view with no walls so you can see what everyone in the town is doing at the same time. I found this a bit distracting at first but it soon becomes enthralling and makes for an impressive spectacle.


Paul Bettany and Nicole Kidman are both excellent with Kidman every inch a tragic heroine whilst also bringing her out emotion and vulnerability to a classic screen prototype.
Even at just under three hours, Dogville never feels like a slog, particularly as it is broken down into nine segments and has narration throughout. If you are looking for something a bit different to get lost in, then the vastly underrated Dogville is the film you are looking for.

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