Braindead – 7/10.

An evil cursed rat monkey bites an old woman and starts a zombie bloodbath that must be controlled by the woman’s reluctant son Lionel. Inspired by slapstick/horror mix of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy and also by the cartoonish, grotesque characters created by Terry Gilliam, Peter Jacksons Braindead is widely considered to be one of the goriest films of all time. Whilst Raimi found the balance of cheesy slapstick and horror perfectly in his films (particularly Evil Dead 2), I think Jacksons relies a little too heavily on humour in the first hour of this film. Then we enter the final third and this film really comes to life. It is like Jackson got a bunch of maniacs in a room and said ‘Each of you think of the most imaginative, disgusting way in which to murder a zombie’ and filmed the results. I can’t remember seeing a sequence of such unrelenting horror as the final third of this movie. How Peter Jackson went from this to directing the Lord of the Rings franchise is difficult to spot whilst watching this film. If you like modern goretastic cheese fests such as Slither, or Planet Terror you will enjoy this.

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