Bedevilled – 6/10.

A woman takes a break from city life on a remote island with a childhood friend who is a victim of abuse.


Bedevilled starts off as pretty straightforward fish out of water, domestic abuse fable, the best moments of the film take place in this opening forty five minutes. From there Bedevilled spirals into gratuitous and unpleasant violence that is typical of South Korean film. The subject of domestic violence is a tricky one. Bedevilled is closer to the showy and obvious violence of Once Were Warriors than the subtle, realistic portrayal seen in Tyrannosaur. The two female leads do a decent job but some of the acting elsewhere is desperately poor, causing the viewer to disengage. The ending is straight up, The Last House On The Left, revenge exploitation up until the final five minutes add some much needed poignancy and emotional weight to all the gore. Despite its obvious flaws Bedevilled is a decent watch, especially for aficionados of South Korean Cinema.

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