Banshee Chapter – 5.5/10

Brilliant idea is ruined by bad performances, lack of imagination and a offensive Hunter S. Thompson pastiche.


There is so much scope for a horror film set in the aftermath of having taken a hallucinogenic drug, particularly infamous super powerful psychotropic drug DMT but first time director Blair Erickson ignores all that potential, instead opting for cheap scares and a offensive Hunter S. Thompson rip off.

Even more intriguing is tying this concept into Project MKUltra (The CIA’s actually fucking real mind control programme). This wonderful idea though is merely shelved rather than expanded and instead we have an annoying protagonist running around in the dark talking to herself.

The real nail in the coffin though is the character of Thomas Blackburn – a thinly veiled ‘homage’ to legendary journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson tragically killed himself in 2005 and to have him portrayed as a drunken buffoon (even going as far as to have Blackburn say one of the many phrases Thompson coined ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride’) is in extremely bad taste.

Of all the many recent horrors with loads of potential that ended as a disappointment You’re Next, The Conjuring, 13 Sins etc.), Banshee Chapter is probably the most frustrating of all of them as the idea behind it is genuinely original.

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