As Above So Below – 8/10.


Five attractive and intelligent people encounter a really hardcore zone on the Crystal Maze.

The cynical part of me wants to point out the MANY flaws inherent in As Above So Below. The awkward clich├ęd script, the fact that director John Erick Dowdle packs the flick with bizarre unexplained creatures, the complete lack of character development, but somehow it all kind of works. The obvious bedfellow in recent years would be Grave Encounters but while that film takes ages to go completely bonkers As Above So Below achieves this in about fifteen minutes. A horror film set in the very real catacombs underneath Paris is an inspired idea and the acting is consistently on the ball so even when the dialogue is truly awful the actors keep it together. So to the main crux of any horror film, is it actually scary? Well despite taking many risks throughout a skinny run time of 93 minutes AASB is always unsettling and sometimes genuinely frightening. Weird, strange, hard to pin down sure but entertaining definitely. I can’t remember the last time I saw three good horror films in a row (The Sacrament & The Conspiracy), perhaps the genre is turning a corner.

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