Arlington Road – 4/10.

First half – real and interesting movie about Jeff Bridges playing a cat and mouse game with his neighbour (Tim Robbins). Second half – nonsense terrible movie about Jeff Bridges running around shouting.


Before watching this film I researched the director and writer to see what else they had done. The name of director Mark Pellington sounded eerily familiar… So I checked his IMDB page and sure enough there it was, bold as brass, THE FUCKING MOTHMAN PROPHECIES! I assumed whoever directed the second worst film ever made (second only to A Good Day To Die Hard) would have done it under a pseudonym or as a tax write off or something but no, someone actually made that movie for reals (shudder).

After learning this, it was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch Arlington Road. I was pleasantly surprised by the first half as Bridges and Robbins play nicely off each other as you would expect from seasoned pros and the plot was actually interesting and intelligible too. But then… Pellington’s Mothman head kicked in and sure enough we have an hour of people talking into phones, running aimlessly through streets and going from looking bored to confused to angry before finishing with an ending that nobody cares about or understands. This man should not be allowed to make movies. I’m going for a long cry in the shower.

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