…And They Lived Happily Ever After – 6/10.

Wine, cheese, people smoking cigarettes whilst drinking wine and eating cheese, two sex scenes inside the first 30 seconds… I think I have just watched a French ‘Rom Com’.


I initially downloaded this film because of Johnny Depp being first billed on IMDB. While his early non speaking two minute cameo was not exactly what I expected I was still left with a fairly interesting film about love and infidelity and other French things.

Directed, written and starring Yvan Attal alongside his real life wife Charlotte Gainsbourg, They Lived Happily is an offbeat tale of three dirty old men and their mostly long suffering wives and mistresses.

It is always difficult to stick with a film with no likeable protagonist to root for but an excellent Radiohead heavy soundtrack plus high quality acting just about kept me invested. I did feel come the finale that Attal was aiming for some kind of high concept character study that just ends up being a bit of a mess.

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