A Good Day to Die Hard – 0/10

The worst film I have ever seen…


Why? Why? Why? So yeah Die Hard 4 was completely removed from the previous Die Hard films as it saw John McClane go from being a slobbish, drunken cop to a superman who can fire cars into helicopters but at least it was fucking entertaining. It was also funny and faintly ridiculous and most of all it still kind of felt like a Die Hard film but this… oh boy this… There is literally no fucking point to this movie at all. There is nothing to link it to any other film in the Die Hard franchise.

John McClane, one of the all time great movie anti-heroes, is unrecognisable. The dialogue goes from corny, to incomprehensible, to just plain awful. The plot is far too complicated and completely fucking ridiculous. The acting is terrible. It was so absolutely fucking awful that I kept expecting Richard Gere to wander in at any moment mumbling something about Mothmen. No film in the history of cinema has ever shit on the legacy of its source material more than this. Worse than Indiana Jones 4? Yup. Worse than Phantom Menace??? Surely not?? You bet it is. Yippee Kay motherfucking Ay John Moore, you have made the worst movie I have ever seen. Everyone involved in this travesty should be put in a bag and kicked for all eternity. Fucking revolting.

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