This is what happens if you take Jeremy Renner out of Hurt Locker…


Zero Dark Thirty is the story of the decade long struggle to find Osama Bin Laden following the September 11th attacks. The first hour is pretty good and feels like a high budget, longer version of Homeland. Jason Clarke as the weary CIA interrogator is easily the stand out performer and it is a shame when his character fades from the story in the final act. This film was initially meant to be about the pursuit and subsequent failure to capture Bin Laden but then had to be rewritten when the real life Bin Laden was captured and killed. This leaves the screenplay bit uneven, with the second half of the film feeling like a last minute rewrite in places.

Jessica Chastain has been Oscar nommed for her role but she did absolutely nothing for me here. Director Kathryn Bigalow got lucky with Hurt Locker, an otherwise slightly above average film made into a Best Picture winner solely because of Jeremy Renner’s astounding performance, but there is no such salvation for Bigalow here. A bang average movie.