X-Men: Days of Future Past – 8/10

Cast reunion for every actor to have ever played an x man…


The biggest challenge facing director Bryan Singer on his return to the X-Men series was how to marry the new generation with the old guard. Days of Future Past seemingly had to include time travel which is always risky, as for every The Terminator, there is a The Butterfly Effect. Luckily, the latest X-Men instalment falls squarely in the former camp when it comes to plotting and realism. Kitty Pryde (an underused Ellen Page) sending Wolverine back in time never feels laboured or forced and changing between the past and the future makes for a compelling and exciting watch.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are good as ever but it is McAvoy, Lawrence and particularly Fassbender that have re-energized what was an ailing franchise. Peter Dinklage is also a welcome addition and Nicolas Hoult continues to pleasantly surprise as Beast. Elsewhere, Hugh Jackman has a lot of fun playing Wolverine and while this is infectious at times,  perhaps after seven films this should be his last outing as the focal point of the X-Men.


X-Men: First Class is still the best of the bunch and it is a shame we didn’t get to see director Matthew Vaughn follow up that minor classic but this is probably Singers joint best X-Men film along with X-Men 2.

One minor gripe is that Gambit and Deadpool continue to be inexplicably absent but even still,  there is no denying that after seven films the X-Men seem as vital as ever.

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