The White House is under attack, a low level security agent finds himself the only protection for the President.

I have a soft spot for director Roland Emmerich. Whilst I know that 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and to a lesser extent Independence Day are pretty terrible movies, I loved all of them. They are great ‘popcorn’ movies and he normally hires decent actors (Will Smith, John Cusack, Jake Gyllenhaal) to counter balance the awful scripts and gaping plot holes. In White House Down he pulls off the action part of things very nicely, even fellow knucklehead director Michael Bay can’t explode shit better than Emmerich does. Unfortunately Channing Tatum is not in the same league as the aforementioned actors and his blandness just draws attention to the fact that WHD is far too long at 131 minutes. Jamie Foxx is decent as PUSA but the rest of the cast is just not good enough. Not terrible, but not a movie that I can imagine anyone bothering to watch more than once. It is worth nothing that at one point the President of the United States of America wields a rocket launcher and that must count for something!