We Are What We Are – 6.5/10.


An extreme religious family hides a dark secret.
You go into low budget, semi underground horror with a number of preconceptions. There are a few surprising aspects however about We Are What We Are. The score is very good for example and is more than just stock horror sounds as you would expect. Also the acting is very good. You can’t fault any of the acting but nobody involved has much charisma or particularly stands out but they are at least, crucially, believable. Some low budget cliches you cannot shake but they are at least not too damaging here. The ‘so bad you laugh out loud’ dialogue (‘Did you eat my daughter!?!’ one man demands of another at one point) is abundant for example. There seems to be a return in horror at the moment for the loooooooong build of tension before the pay off at the end (popularized by ‘mumblegore’ director Ti West (The House of the Devil)). The potential pitfall of this technique is that you run the risk of just making a boring, shitty movie. At one point in WAWWA I feared director Jim Mickle had done this but he pulls out all the stops in the final act to produce a solid entry in the modern horror genre. It is however not quite as good as his previous picture ( The Road meets From Dusk Till Dawn horror thriller Stake Land) but if you are a fan of fanatical religious subtext (eg Red State) then you should give this film a whirl.

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