Video Games: The Movie

Average documentary offers nothing new.


I am not a massive gamer so I was expecting to discover lots of interesting stuff about video game history in this documentary but unfortunately narrator Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee) presents the very basics of the history of video games. Interviews with various video game God’s (creators of Nintendo and Atari included) are a little enlightening but again nothing I didn’t already know. More interesting are interviews with Zach Braff and Wil Wheaton who speak passionately about their love for video games.

The best part of this documentary was revisiting some of the classic SNES, Sega Mega Drive and PS1 games from my youth with lots of archive game footage but it doesn’t take a great deal of talent or hard work to put together a selection of clips.

There is a genuine debate to be had about violence in games and while this is touched upon Video Games: The Movie feels more like a propaganda piece than an attempt to dissect what has become a major issue in the gamer world.

If you are looking for a video game documentary King of Kong and Indie Game: The Movie are much better than this.


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