Transsiberian – 6/10

Two Americans traveling on the Transsiberian express befriend two mysterious strangers who are not what they seem (what with being mysterious strangers and all.)


Emily Mortimer is the best thing about Transsiberian but her on screen partner Woody Harrelson does not fare as well. There is too much going on for Woody here and any mild peril that does take place is negated by the fact that Woody looks like he might change into a Hawaiian shirt and start sipping a margarita at any moment.
Director Brad Anderson mastered suspense perfectly with excellent previous movie Session 9 but here he unfortunately crosses the line into just plain boring. For the first hour the plot twists and turns in a pleasing way but Transsiberian over does it in the last act making for a messy and unsatisfying ending.
Mortimer’s performance and the stunning scenery make this a watchable if forgettable film.

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