Top Ten Best Snow Day Songs

It’s happened. The day we all dream about. The day we will tell our grandkids about when crouched over our TrumpTV’s burning books to keep warm. March 1st 2018. SNOW DAY.

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Obviously, it isn’t a snow day for everyone and shout out to anyone that has to work today, for everyone else though, here are ten pieces of music to help you celebrate. I would also recommend eating arctic roll whilst drinking a snowball. Oh and no Christmas songs. Not in March anyway, you animal.

10. Snow – Informer

OK so the song itself has got absolutely nothing to do with snow and everything to do with licking your bum bum down but the guy is freakin’ named Snow. That is his name. If that is not enough to get a place on this list then I don’t know what is. It’s also a stone cold classic and just missed out on making my list of top ten one hit wonders from the 90s, which you can read here.

9. Real Estate – Snow Days

I grew out of maudlin acoustic acts when I stopped crying myself to sleep every night surrounded by sausage rolls, having said that the snow day is the natural habitat for a warm acoustic twang. Real Estate are a band I have never really grown to love but their gorgeous ode to the beautiful phenomenon that is the snow day is vital listening as the snow settles at your door.

8. Modern Baseball – Hours Outside In The Snow

I’ve been banging on about MoBo to anyone who will listen for the last couple of years. While the pop punk scene eats itself, Philadelphia has been busy spawning two of the best emo bands of their generation in the shape of Modern Baseball and The Wonder Years. This is a decent starting point to a great band and a slightly more downbeat take on life in the snow.

7. Game of Thrones Theme

Go on. Try and go a whole day without making a joke about White Walkers. You can’t can you. Pathetic.

In truth, snow and the beautiful northern landscape of Winterfell go hand in hand. Blast this on full and stand naked in the window. Breasts triumphantly bared. Probably best to avoid if you live near a school though…

6. Barry Hyde – Sometimes It Snows In April

Barry Hyde survived a terrifying bout of depression to release this low key solo album. ‘Sometimes It Snows In April’ is one of many highlights from an underrated album and the track is also one month away from being perfect for today.  This album is not just for fans of the Futureheads however, there is something here for everyone, snow day or not.

To read more about Barry Hyde and his recovery, read here.

5. Glasvegas – A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

Glasvegas hail from Glasgow, a place where, rather than being a snow day, this is simply… a Wednesday. In short, these boys know a thing or two about snow. This typically sweeping track is taken from the brilliant EP of the same name. Indeed, most of the bands back catalogue suits a snow day, apart from the ones about doing pills or being stabbed obviously.

4. Snow Patrol – Set The Fire To The Third Bar

This song works on two levels and so is included for this reason and absolutely not because I am scraping the barrel. Not only do Snow Patrol have the word ‘snow’ in their name but this song is also about turning the fire up because it is a bit cold. Snow is cold you see. On a more serious note, Snow Patrol have become a bit of a byword for the mundane but in truth they do have a number of genuinely affecting songs. This is one of them.

3. Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

Another band that I have never truly loved but I do love this particular song. I’m assuming that the white winter in the title refers to snow otherwise I’ve embarrassed myself by including it on this list. Interesting fact about Fleet Foxes. Nobody in the band is actually fleet of foot. Or a fox. Great track though right?

2. JJ72 – Snow

If, like me, you were a teenager when this song was released, you may remember JJ72 from being madly in love with their bassist Hilary Woods. Everyone else probably just doesn’t remember them. They had about four genuinely brilliant songs though and this frustrated ode to a lack of snow is a good way to feel smug about your snow day.

1. Danny Elfman – Edward Scissorhands (Main Theme)

If you want to imagine up a snow day in your twisted mind, put this track on and close your eyes. It just exudes snow from every pore. I have written before about my ongoing hatred for Tim Burton, but this is one of his few films that I actually enjoyed. It also marks one of Johnny Depp’s best performances.

So there you have it. Ten songs to soundtrack your snow day. I hope it is as wasted and unproductive as mine promises to be.


Honourable Mentions

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh)
Suede – Pale Snow
Belle and Sebastian – Fox in the Snow
The Cribs – Pink Snow/Last Year’s Snow
Fionn Regan – Snowy Atlas Mountains
I Am Kloot – Sunlight Hits The Snow
Nick Cave – Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

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