Top 5 Kevin Smith Partnerships

The fictional ‘ViewAskewniverse’ that Kevin Smith has created has struck a chord with people the World over who see themselves, in the geeky idiosyncrasies and insecurities of the main characters. Kevin Smith’s films are awash with Heroes and Sidekicks – just like the world of comic’s that Smith loves so much. Here are five of the best of them…

5. Banky Edwards & Holden McNeil


Played by: Jason Lee and Ben Affleck

First appearance: Chasing Amy

Best moment: Narrowly pipping the ‘tracer’ argument from the opening scene, is the glorious moment when Banky finally realizes that Alyssa is lesbian and the sexy song she has just sung was not for Holden but for Kim. Jason Lee’s smile paints a thousand spiteful words.

4. Bartleby & Loki


Played by: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

First Appearance: Dogma

Best Moment: The slaughter of the Mooby executives with Bartleby constantly undermining Loki’s ‘penchant for the dramatic’ is hilarious and well written. The fictional Mooby’s brand would go on to play a big part in the Kevin Smith universe. Not least for the next two clowns…

3. Dante Hicks & Randal Graves


Played by: Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson

First Appearance: Clerks

Best Moment: Hard to pick just one defining moment from two movies that are basically Dante & Randal sitting around talking but the ‘home truths’ scene at the end of Clerks is surprisingly hard hitting and emotionally resonant as Randal flames Dante for blaming everything on others and telling him to ‘shit or get off the pot’.

2. Brodie Bruce & TS Quint


Played by: Jason Lee and ‘TV’s Jeremy London’ (to quote Jason Lee from the Mallrats DVD commentary.)

First Appearance: Mallrats

Best Moment: The taking over of Mr. Svennings dogshit game show has some killer lines (‘When Jaws popped out of the water…’) but their initial entrance to the Mall where they bump into that dick from the Fashionable Male and Willam’s sailboat is Brodie and TS’ finest hour.

1. Jay & Silent Bob


Played by: Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith

First Appearance: Clerks

Best Moment: Finally getting their own movie is obviously a wonderful achievement but in terms of the characters themselves surely (SPOILERS) buying the Quick Stop at the end of Clerks II is their crowning glory. Taking the whole franchise back to where it all started. Snoogans.

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