The Way Way Back – 8/10.

A awkward 14 year old boy is befriended by an exuberant water park manager.


This is obviously a passion project for Nat Faxon and Jim Rash as they write, direct and co-star and that passion brings a lot of heart to The Way Way Back. Whilst it is maybe not quite as good as companion piece and minor classic Adventureland, there is still absolutely loads to love here. A brilliant cast headed by young actor Liam James but also featuring the likes of Sam Rockwell, Steve Carell, Toni Collette and Bridesmaids Maya Rudolph. Carell channels all his experience playing Michael Scott in The Office to play overbearing Trent but Rockwell (as always) is the real star. He is hilarious and heart warming as the irrepressible manager of Water Wizz water park and takes this from ‘good film’ to ‘must watch’. Rockwell, like my favourite ever actor Ed Norton, has been plagued by being a brilliant actor who has made bad film choices. Hopefully this well help to get him back on the right track.

My only gripe with The Way Way Back is the soundtrack. The inspirational (groan) backing music makes certain scenes seem a bit corny when they really aren’t. Other than that this was a film I liked a lot.

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