The Spectacular Now – 7.5/10

A young man coming to the end of high school starts a relationship with an unassuming girl who makes him see life in a different light.


Because of a worrying defect probably related to my mental age I find that I relate much more to melodramatic, ‘high school’ relationship stuff like this and The Perks of Being a Wallflower then I do to more adult fare such as Blue Valentine.

With that said The Spectacular Now is only really half about relationships with the other half about self discovery and character growth and other things that sound ghastly written down but can be beautiful on screen when done correctly (Dazed and Confused, Stand By Me etc etc).

Holding the flick together is relative newcomer Miles Teller, who is cocky without straying into full blown Labeouf territory and ‘girl next door’ Shailene Woodley as his muse. Bob Odenkirk and Mary Elizabeth Winstead also make welcome, if brief, appearances.

I found The Spectacular Now to be touching and poignant with flawed, realistic characters that I cared about and enjoyed watching. If you like some of the other films mentioned then this is worth a look.

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