Sheffield’s The Sherlocks arrived at The Leopard fresh from the success of their latest single Heart of Gold being played on numerous national radio stations and with the sell out crowd chanting ‘Sherlocks Army’ before the band had even taken the stage.


Opener Last Night kicks off with the call and response chorus getting the crowd going before Was It Really Worth It continues to show off brothers Josh and Andy Davidson strong backing vocals on guitar and bass respectively. With another set of brothers Kiaran and Brandon Crook making up the rest of the band on vocals and drums it is easy to see why the band have become so tight as a live act despite being relatively young.

Before Motions Kiaran tells the audience ‘I say this every night but this next song is when the gig properly starts’ but it is Escapade that really makes the crowd erupt with the rowdy bunch down the front doing the massive guitar riff justice. The frantic intro from Shine Your Light as well as the ‘Let me know!’ refrain keeps the crowd jumping before new song Get Up receives the same treatment as some of the older fan favourites, such is the devotion of the Sherlocks Army.


You’ve Made A Mistake‘s bitter opening lines ‘You’ve got a perfect face for a radio, I can read you like a book’ may invite lazy Arctic Monkeys comparisons but The Sherlock’s are actually more indebted to All Mod Cons era The Jam channelling The Clash during the London heroes more melodic moments.

Live For The Moment has the crowd gasping for breath but the final one-two and gig highlights of Heart of Gold and Chasing Shadows cap off a brilliant night for one of Yorkshire’s most popular new bands.

Set closer Chasing Shadows is clearly a fan favourite but if The Sherlock’s keep on writing songs of the quality of Heart of Gold, they won’t be closing their set with Chasing Shadows for much longer.

A triumphant return to Doncaster for a band with the world at their feet.

This article originally appeared in Doncopolitan magazine: