The Sessions – 6.5/10

‘I believe in a God with a sense of humor. I would find it absolutely intolerable not to be to able blame someone for all this…’


A man who spends most of his day in an iron lung tries to lose his virginity with the help of a sex therapist and a priest. That actually sounds like the plot of an Adam Sandler movie but it isn’t that kind of flick. Helen Hunt has been Oscar nommed for her performance as the sex therapist and she will probably win because the academy love this kind of shit. She is fine, John Hawkes is good in the leading role and William H Macy is excellent as the priest attempting to provide guidance in a tough situation. The script is sharp and it is an interesting idea for a story but this isn’t really my kind of movie. I’m not sure who this would appeal to actually. And that is the problem.

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