The Mothman Prophecies – 0/10.

Ladies and gentlemen. My least favourite film of all time!

(takes a deep breath). Right… where to start with this one… This is probably the most boring, slow, devoid of anything at all movie I have ever seen (with the possible exception of The English Patient but that is just not my kind of film).

Even Richard Gere loses interest about 45 minutes in and just spends the rest of the film in darkened rooms talking on phones to people who may or may not be real. The ‘prophecies’ of mothmen are a little premature as they have about 50 seconds of screen time.

This all builds to a painfully meh crescendo of something happening on a bridge. I would literally rather watch a packet of custard creams for 1 hour 58 minutes than waste any more of my time with this. I would rather be the gerbil up Richard Gere’s ass than have to watch him look as bored as I was with the endless nothingness that is happening around him.

Before this, Tekken was the worst film I had ever seen, but bearing in mind this film had a budget of £32 million (!) I think I might have a new winner. 0/10

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