The Kings of Summer – 7.5/10.

Three young men disillusioned with their life and especially with the relationship with their parents conspire to run away from home and build a make shift house in the woods. Soooo much early promise in this film. When the opening ten minutes featured a Thin Lizzy song, a Street Fighter II reference and Parks & Recreation’s Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), I was ready to just give this a 10/10 and be done with it. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite hold out for the ninety five minute running time. The establishing scenes showing why the boys had become frustrated with their ridiculous families are warm, laugh out loud funny and true to real life, plus the early scenes in the wood are excellent and enjoyable. When a love interest is shoved in the mix however, things go down hill very fast and it all becomes sigh enducingly predictable and pretty boring. The last fifteen minutes save it but it is annoying to see what could have been a great film turn out to be just a good one.

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