Two ageing salesman (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) find themselves unemployed in a world they do not understand. In an attempt to reconnect with modern society they take an internship at Google.


To paraphrase one of the movies characters, The Internship is a film with ‘astounding limitations’. It is so predictable that at times it feels like this is done on purpose as a cutting satire on the rest of Vaughn and Wilson’s output. It is completely unoriginal (fish out of water story? in this day and age!), it is too long and that is to say nothing of the astonishingly offensive product placement and adoration of Google… But… But…

But in a market that has now become dominated by cynical, world weary geeks such as most of the people reading this it is actually quite refreshing to believe, if only for two hours, that the most stereotypical geek in the world (glasses obviously) can pull the ‘hot’ girl, or that two over the hill men can overcome impossible odds to achieve their dream (ugh). So yeah I actually enjoyed this slice of utter nonsense, it is not well made but it is fun and surely that is all Vaughn and Wilson intended.