Two hotel employees who attempt to research ghost stories in the buildings past find themselves in a ghost story of their own.
In director Ti West’s previous film The House of the Devil he built the tension for a good 2/3rds of the movie before the pay off. I wrote in a previous review that it just about worked. In The Innkeepers, West pulls the same trick but again with only limited success. This time he attempts to build the tension until the last twenty minutes. At times I felt on the edge of my seat but mostly I felt bored and the ending didn’t tie the story together as concisely as I would have liked. That is not to say he can’t create a genuinely creepy atmosphere because he can and there are some heart stopping (if clichéd) scares. I would also have liked to have seen a reference to room 217/237 for The Shining geeks amongst us (one of the characters stays in room 216). Ti West has yet to make a great movie but ironically his subtle, 1970’s aping style makes him one of the more original voices in modern Western horror.