The Grand Budapest Hotel – 9/10.

The most stellar of stellar casts come together to tell a truly beautiful story about a hotel.

Grand Budapest Hotel movie still

.I have been cantankerously suggesting for a long time that live action directors need to take a look at Pixar for inspiration in terms of imagination and style, I am pleased to say that Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenanbaums, Rushmore etc) has managed to do that with The Grand Budapest Hotel. This film is quite simply one of the most beautiful looking films ever committed to screen. Imagine all the glorious colours of WALL•E brought to life and you are somewhere close.

It is always easy to see a comment about how good one of Andersons films looks and think ‘Yes, yes we know all about that, what is new though?’. Well don’t expect the same old same old from Anderson here. Every shot is absolutely stunning, the colours are enchanting throughout, the score is absolutely perfect. Grand Budapest Hotel feels like a musical without the singing in as much as it is choreographed to perfection. Ralph Fiennes is hilarious and brilliant as the poetic Gustave, all the Anderson regulars do what they do (Arkin, Murray, Owen Wilson, Ed Norton etc etc) Jude Law, Jeff Goldblum and Harvey Keitel are as good as ever. Saoirse Ronan continues to impress and newcomer Tony Revolori is also excellent as the protagonist.

It is hard to compare this film with my other current best film of 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 so I wont bother… just treat yourself and watch them both.

IMDB TOP 250 #185


Best Costume Design

Best Makeup and Hair

Best Original Score

Best Production Design

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