The Frozen Ground- 6/10

A young woman escapes from a serial killer and attempts to help a state trooper catch the killer…

This film is so HOLLYWOOD it is unreal. Vanessa Hudgens continues desperately trying to shed her ‘nice’ image by playing street prostitute (with perfect teeth and skin) Cindy Paulson. At one point she takes solace in a strip club and despite never having done it before, strolls out and demonstrates a pole dance complete with spinning and going upside down etc. I have it on good authority this is absurd (having never attempted pole dancing myself obvs).

Nicolas Cage is the cop and he is on auto pilot throughout. I love Nic Cage but he has totally lost his sparkle. John Cusack is decent as real life killer Robert Hansen but doesn’t have enough screen time to show his depth until the last thirty minutes. In fact the whole thing is a mess until the last act where it definitely picks up and saves The Frozen Ground from being truly mediocre. To be fair to Hudgens she is the best thing about TFG. Despite overacting the whole bad girl thing at times, she tackles the emotional scenes very well. It is possible to make a mainstream film about a serial killer without succumbing to clich√© and lack of authenticity (see Zodiac) but this is a forgettable and mostly pretty boring film.¬† In fact the most interesting part was when 50 Cent popped up sporting one of the most outrageous haircuts of recent years.

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