The Darjeeling Limited – 8/10.



Three brothers annoy each other and carry fantastic luggage on a train journey through India.

Darjeeling Limited contains one of my favourite ever opening scenes. Bill Murray runs for a train, all of a sudden Adrien Brody appears along side him and they exchange a look. It is glorious. Joining Brody are Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman as the brothers and the three of them have a wonderful chemistry throughout. As with all of director Wes Anderson’s films the magic is in the little quirks that keep appearing throughout the Darjeeling Limited such as the way Wilson keeps ordering for his siblings and the repeated lines in the dialogue. All of Anderson’s films look amazing but he doesn’t have much to do here because India is such a gorgeous place anyway. Anderson doesn’t rush things here he just lets the story play itself out as we get to know the three main characters and their relationship to each other. This makes for a more enriching emotional experience and makes the film seem like a proper journey in a similar vein to Stand By Me. If you like Anderson’s other work you will already have seen this if you haven’t then you can’t go far wrong with Darjeeling Limited as an introduction.

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