The Conspiracy – 7/10

Two aspiring film makers infiltrate a secret society that are trying to orchestrate a new world order only to discover they are all actually lovely chaps (spoiler – they aren’t).



I don’t need to list the films responsible for the rise and rise of found footage horror films since Blair Witch Project arrived back in 1999 but you may not have noticed the modest ascent of cults and secret rituals in the horror world. Sound Of My Voice, VHS 2 and most memorably Kill List have tackled the subject in recent years with varying degrees of success.

What makes The Conspiracy unique is that it tackles existing and popular conspiracy theories. Most people can’t see the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ without emitting a knowing groan but The Conspiracy at least sticks to some of the more widely known reptilian schemes (RMS Lusitania, 9/11, FEMA, JFK etc) and most pleasingly has no agenda other than to just make an entertaining and chilling movie. While you know what is going to happen within five minutes it is still executed very well and the last twenty or so minutes are genuinely creepy.

You normally expect some pretty crap acting in these low budget found footage films but everyone does well here and the two leads are very solid. Good enough to ensure I will watch first time director Christopher MacBride’s future work with interest.

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